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A Brief History Of Paso Robles

History Paso Robles ;
It can be fun knowing a bit of the history of an area that you are about to travel to. Paso Robles is full of history and can be further studied once there. However, history tells us that Paso Robles was once known as El Paso de Robles and is Spanish for “The Pass of Oaks”. The town was shortened to Paso Robles when California gained independence from Mexico.

History Paso Robles ;
The Native Americans and the Mission Fathers knew of Paso Robles for the hot springs that were flooding the area. During the Mission Period the Padres were so impressed with the healing powers of the hot springs that they would make annual pilgrimages from such missions as: Santa Yenez, San Luis Obispo, and San Antonio to bring their sick to bathe and drink the healing waters. As a matter of fact, it was the Franciscan priests from Mission San Miguel who constructed the first mineral baths. At the time, they did not realize what they had started because several years later many adopted the same idea.

History Paso Robles ;
Early on the padres at the missions imported certain grapes and grew them at the missions. The grapes were turned into sacramental wines but some exported certain brandies that were also a product of the sweet grapes. After the missions were abandoned, there were Europeans that came to the area and revived the vines and started to import other varietals that would produce other types of wine. The word seemed to have gotten out and the area became increasingly popular. The pioneer settlers were attracted to this area and later established cattle ranches, apple orchards, almond orchards, dairy farms, and more vineyards.

History Paso Robles ;
Centuries later the 26,000 acres that makes up Paso Robles was purchased with a land grant for $8,000 in 1844, which was after the Gold Rush era. Two brothers by the names of Daniel and James Blackburn teamed with a partner and purchased this land; they were tired of traveling the area and thought the region was beautiful and had great potential. They donated two blocks to the city for a public park. Over several years the park was planted with regional plants like cacti and then a grandstand was built, which was enjoyed by many for years to come. James Blackburn and their partner took part of the claim and became ranchers. However, Daniel was more of a businessman and decided to create a town. After the Civil War, Daniel sold half of the town site to a Drury James, who was the uncle to the famed Jesse James.

History Paso Robles ;
Between the two businessmen, they had envisioned a city that would offer first class amenities to its guests. The area would offer wonderful luxuries such as:

· Sulfur bath houses from the natural springs of the area
· Stores offering a variety of goods and the latest fashions
· Hotels
· Cottages for extended stays or larger parties
· Public bath houses with hot springs of the area

The area boomed within two years. It seemed that the visions of the two men had become a reality. They didn’t realize what more it would become. The area not only boomed but also grew very prosperous. The vision that started to grow into reality grew into a popular hotspot that has been compared to Napa Valley for wine production. It is now a hip little town that is full of culture, as reflected in the many Paso Robles wines, the oils, the food, the entertainment, and the people.

History Paso Robles ;
In 1864, the first El Paso de Robles Hotel was constructed and featured a hot mineral spring bathhouse. In 1891, a newer and larger hotel was constructed using technology that would insure it to be fireproof. The hotel was truly grand and offered its guests amenities like

· Seven acres of glorious gardens
· A 9 hole golf course
· Library
· Beauty salon
· Barber shop
· Various billiard and lounging rooms
· An improved hot springs plunge bath that was considered the best of its time
· 32 individual bath rooms

Not only did regular travelers to the area enjoy these fine accommodations but many a famous person made the grand hotel their home. This included people the likes of

· Ignace Paderewski – This famous piano player made this grand hotel his home for over three months. His arthritis had gotten so bad that he thought he would never perform again, but the hot mineral springs cured his arthritis. He would go on to play and then make the Paso Robles area his home.
· Jack Dempsey – The boxing champ
· President Theodore Roosevelt
· Phoebe Apperson Hearst – The mother of William Randolph Hearst
· Actors – Douglas Fairbanks, Boris Karloff, Bob Hope, and Clark Gable
· Baseball Spring Training – The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago White Sox would stay at this hotel and reap the benefits of the hot spring mineral baths to soak their sore muscles after a day of hard training.

History Paso Robles ;
There has been a large movement towards restoring the areas that started this resort area. The townspeople of Paso Robles have done so much to restore the Victorian homes, the downtown area, and now even the original hot springs run again. Certain mission areas have been restored for tours for people to get an insight into the original founders of the area. The western heritage that was the foundation of this area is not only acknowledged but celebrated and can be seen within the architecture, museums, food, and in many more areas. It is a wonderful resort area that offers so much to its visitors.

History Paso Robles ;
Mother Nature has caused several set backs to the area but the people do not seem to let this get them down. They only get stronger by rallying together and building the area up. It is a tight community that welcomes visitors from all over to learn about their area.

Now that you know a bit about how this special place came to be, it's time to explore how to spend your time while there. There are many wonderful places to stay, see, and fine foods and experiences to take in, the best of which can be found here in these pages, as your essential guide to the Paso Robles weekend.

How To Get To Paso Robles Wineries?

Welcome to Paso Robles, California. The area is the up and coming wine Mecca of Central California. If you are looking for a great place to spend a weekend then Paso Robles, California is just for you. Paso Robles may be in the heart of wine country, but it offers so much more than the norm. There are shops, it is the home of the California Mid-State Fair, museums, great food, wonderful views, and a relaxing atmosphere with an eclectic mix of entertainment. This is a kind of destination where you can fill your days with activities or just sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views while sipping a local wine.

The Paso Robles area is located in the Coastal Mountain Range, so you are able to capture the beauty of the mountains, the ocean, and the deserts. Each season offers incredible natural beauty. The winter will bring green hills, the spring will show vivid pink and white almond blossoms, there are lush vineyards to gaze upon during the summer, and fall will offer beautiful colors and a bounty of new wines and local harvests. All you need to do is pack a picnic, pick a road, and fall in love with the area.


Paso Robles is a city within San Luis County and is a part of the California central coast. It lays half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, along California Highway 101. It is also connected to the San Joaquin Valley to the East via Highway 46.

There are several ways to access this wine Mecca. A few of these include:

By air – charter a plane from the Paso Robles Airport or the regional airport used is the

San Luis Obispo County Airport in San Luis Obispo

By train – use the Amtrak Coast Starlight line

By bus – Greyhound bus service has runs that go directly to Paso Robles

By car – perhaps flying into San Francisco area or Los Angeles, renting a car and taking a scenic ride to the area is more your style

However you choose to make the journey, you will not be disappointed. Now, let’s see what this wonderful area has to offer to the traveler looking for a new adventure or to that traveler who is looking to just get away from it all.