Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Witches Rock Canopy Tour : Great Adventure for Adventure Lovers

Regularly, millions of travelers worlwide traditionally return to vacations spots they have visited before because people often stay in their comfort zone. However, there are individuals who want to have a taste of adventure that brings them to exotic locations. The best location for such people then is located in Guancaste, Costa Rica – Witches Rock Canopy tour. It’s an exciting adventure tour that lands you to the tropical dry forest yet eco friendly country in the Caribbean. Well, don't be misled by the name of the place, there aren’t any witches – just pure adrenaline rush from ziplines.

For beginners, Witches Rock Canopy Tour is not your run-of –the mill tour that involves taking pictures of lovely scenery and walking from one sight to another. It is a physically challenging tour that has awesome backdrop of waterfall, ocean, picture pretty sunsets plus rich biodeversity. While the location is actually a tropical dry forest , the sights are worthwhile since this country is one of the greenest country on this planet. However, there are some important points to consider before going to Witches rock canopy tour.

Basically, wear comfortable clothing since temperatures of the tropical dry forest of Witches Rock canopy tour can be quite high. It is also advisable to bring insect repellant since it’s a tropical forest with bugs and other insects. Women should avoid wearing flip flops or slippers that may fall off during the zipline activity. It would be practical for women to wear shorts or trousers. Kids must be at least 8 years old and some tours require a height of no less than 5 feet.

Witches Rock canopy tour is safe as cables are made from high-grade steel so one can conveniently tackle the numerous zip lines. The tour includes 24 platforms, 11 cables, 3 suspension bridges and 3 climbing threes. In case a participant feels that he has experienced too much, there are 5 exit routes that ends the tour immediately. However, it only takes one and a half tour to finish the whole tour. The tour organizers needs you to sign a waiver and ask you about your health condition. In case you satisfy basic requirements, then the next step is a safety orientation so you can learn more. In no time, you’ll be zipping and crossing the rainforest canopy effortlessly.

Treetop Canopy Tours: Great Adventure and Endless Fun

Nowadays, there are a lot of tour packages available in the market that travellers who need to have a break can select . However, most of the usual tour packages are sightseeing tours that have limited physical activities for the participants since they often just visit sights and go shopping. Typically, such packaged tours just involves sightseeing so most of the time people walk around to take pictures. A better alternative would be treetop canopy tours that would provide family members excitement and adventure. Moreover, such treetop canopy tours are also regarded as a work-out since it's physically challenging.

Treetop canopy tours are one of a kind experience as you get to savor the breathtaking view from the tree tops using zip lines and skybridges. One famous treetop canopy tours is located in New River in the northern part of West Virginia, United States. This canopy tour promotes its place as one of the best locations to truly experience canopy tour since it’s suitably located in New River Gorge that makes you takeoff in a zipline as high as 200 feet above the ground. The exhilarating view of White Mountains and rivers is an unforgettable experience that one would always cherish. The natural surroundings is suited for nature-lovers since the forest was carefully preserved for this purpose.The treetop canopy tours in New River Gorge contains world class facilities such as restaurants. It just takes half a day to complete the 10 ziplines, 5 sky bridges, 1 rappel, and 3 short hikes. The 200 year old Hemlock and Hardwoods Forest is enough to mesmerize you with nature's beauty. Also, guides are all certified from training which makes every adventure safe and fulfilling. Moreover, your family can visit anytime of the year since there’s no such thing as off-season for treetop canopy tours. For weary and hungry travelers, there are three restaurants in the area that serves tasty dishes. A practical way to enjoy this vacation is to enlist in any of the treetop canopy tours packages that takes care of everything – meals, accommodation and treetop tours.

It's time to pack your gears and join treetop canopy tours.

Nature's Best - Rainforest Canopy Tour

Millions of tourists around the world book trips to usual destinations since they felt safe and experienced quality service in such places. Nevertheless, there are some tours like the rainforest canopy tour that can bring a different twist to one’s vacation. For one, it means booking a trip to an exotic destination in west Carribean – Antigua. In fact, Antigua is part of the country of Antigua and Barbuda where the rich and famous own a vacation home for its pristine beaches and mild tropical climate. Most of all, this is themost suitable location of the rainforest canopy tour that holds a lot of excitement to the participants.

The rainforest canopy tour in Antigua is composed of 21-element experience which begins with a walk from the Old Pump house. The tour is very stimulating since one has to walk through an old suspension bridge that which is so Indiana Jones. It’s disorienting at first since the suspension bridge hangs on a deep gorge. However, this is just the beginning since there are still many challenges awaiting ahead. The packaged activities of the rainforest canopy tour are 9 zip lines that ends in the “Leap of Faith”. This Leap of Faith is actually a controlled 36 foot vertical descent safely supervised by the rangers.

The rainforest canopy tour is impressive as one goes through 5 zip lines no less than 200 feet long that spans the gorge. Imagine being placed as high as 200 to 300 feet over the rainforest and viewing the sprawling canopy of trees! But this is not yet final since the 5th zip called “Screamer” is a dare for the brave since it spans 328 feet long. Nevertheless, this zip line brings you to the bar and cafĂ© where you can eat to your heart’s delight after the tiring activities. No wonder this segment of the tour is called Stairway to Heaven since it’s the best stop after all the action. It would also be a good timing to go for some souvenir shopping and taking photos. There are also two pretty tree-houses hidden in the forest where one can view breath-taking scenery.

However, there are few requirements that must be met when you join the rainforest canopy tour. It is suggested that women wear shorts or trousers and must at least be 5 feet in height. Surely, one must be healthy and no history of heart problems. If you meet the requirements, then there’s no stopping you from joining the rainforest canopy tour.

Let's Do The Congo Trail Canopy Tour For An Unforgettable Experience

Do you need to see more spots than the usual vacation places like beaches, resorts, parks or log cabins? Then pack up your bags and book a flight to one exotic destination- Costa Rica. Costa Rica, why? Mainly because the Congo trail canopy tour is a fantastic get away that immerse a weary urban dweller into a different experience. The Congo trail canopy can be enjoyed only in Artola, province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Heading alone to Costa Rica alone is rewarding since it’s one of the greenest country in the planet with rich biodiversity.

Millions of people who have gone through the congo trail canopy tour admires the beauty of the place despite that the fact that the place maybe dry. When this happens, the temperatures can be high so make sure you bring very comfortable clothing that’s suited for zip lines and rapelling. It is helpful to understand that the Congo trail canopy tour is mostly zip line activity above the forest on high altitude. Visitors have to take a 45 minute-trip from Playa Conchal or Playa Flamingo. It’s a bumpy ride on an SUV but it’s worth the effort as soon as you get to hang upside down on a zip line. It’s like being Spiderman which you have to shell extra $50 for the add-on experience.

The Congo trail canopy tour is not only exciting but safe as well since the cables are top grade. A short orientation on safety rules and proper handling of equipment is necessary so participants even children as young as 8 years old can be safe. Even older people can meet the physical requirements of the Congo trail canopy tour since the staff are very supportive and encouraging. Just remember that the location is not on a tropical rainforest but on a dry forest. So pack up cool shirts, comfy shoes and insect repellants too.

What makes the Congo trail canopy tour different from other tours? Well, there are monkeys on the trees that always follow you in your zip line adventures. Although it seems scary to cross 11 tree lines, even individuals who dislike heights can finish the trail. Indeed, aside from a t-shirt, you’ll bring home wonderful memories after this congo trail canopy tour experience.

It's Safe and Fun to Join Canopy Tour Mexico

The common lot of packaged tours typically bring people to popular destinations for sightseeing where majority of the activity involves taking pictures and shopping for souvenirs. This makes the tour quite ordinary and somehow boring especially for individuals who want excitement, fun and adventure. The best choice then would be booking a ticket to Puerto Vallarta for a canopy tour in Mexico. But before you contact your local travel agent, list down the vital stuff to carry such as insect repellant, comfortable clothing, wet-proof footwear, sunglasses and a digital camera of course. Surely, it would be an awesome idea to post in Facebook your pictures showing you zip lining across rivers and canopy of trees during your canopy tour Mexico. It would also be preferable if you make yourself physically fit by jogging a few weeks before the trip. The canopy tour Mexico is a real challenge to your physical fitness as you walk along the jungle.

Puerto Vallarta, the canopy tour Mexico is hidden in a virgin forest- Sierra Madre Mountains. It takes a 45 minute bumpy ride from Puerto Vallarta town to reach location of the treetop canopy. The canopy tour Mexico is mix of an eco-tour that promotes awareness about the natural environment and at the same time an adrenaline rush activity that’s sure to wake you up. One of the challenge is to climb up the Crazy Ladder and descending down by rapelling. This is the perfect chance for you to act like Tarzan and swing from tree to tree using the very safe cables and harness that complies with ACCT standards. The ACCT standards is a well respected accreditation for trade organizations in the canopy/zip line business. Understanding this feature would make a participant less anxious and increase confidence especially when using the zip lines for the first time. This is vital since you would be whooshing from one platform to another that’s 90 feet above the forest floor. Indeed, very few adrenaline pumping activity like skydiving or bungee jumping can match the thrill. Likewise, even the travel guides have received 200 hours of training since safety is the utmost concern of the canopy tour Mexico.

Feel a need to do something different? Canopy tour Mexico fits that rush perfectly.

Canopy Tours Jamaica: Key to Fun and Pleasure

Jamaica is a country popularly known because of Jamaican music legend, Bob Marley As one of the roots of reggae music, Jamaica is filled with people who are brought up in an environment of self-expression, passion and a desire for the simple life. Jamaica is also fanous for its tourist spots and rainforests. There are only few people who consider Jamaica as a great country hosting one of the best eco-friendly adventures. There is a large and preserved terrain of natural landscapes, crystal clear waters, beautiful forests, white sand beaches and fantastic sceneries that anyone can enjoy. One of the increasingly popular adventures to tourists are the canopy tours in Jamaica.

A canopy tour is a dynamic zip line activity that use a harness attached to a steel cable and propelled easily by gravity from one strategically placed platform to another. The canopy tours in Jamaica can be nornally accomplished in 2-hours that allows you to have a birds-eye view of the amazing scenery and natural landscapes. Ideal for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, canopy tours in Jamaica is an incredible and thrilling experience and you can glide through the rainforest and witness the beauty of the Jamaican wildlife. As one of the premier eco-tourism attractions, canopy tours in Jamaica have friendly tour guides who will ensure your safety, show you the great sights and educate you on interesting facts about the rainforest, ecosystem and unique plant and bird life of the country.

A lot of tourists are attracted by this new adventure which is very different from the usual activities offered in vacation packages. Canopy tours in Jamaica combines fun, adventure and learning in one great experience. It also attracts researchers who want to explore Jamaica and photographers who can capture on their camera lovely and breath-taking sceneries.

In Jamaica, a vacation is an unforgettable experience. You can may put into your travel plans a lot of horseback riding, swimming, biking, fishing, bird watching, and beach hopping. But never skip the opportunity for a one of a kind vacation. Canopy tours in Jamaica promise to bring you an unforgettable experience.

Arena Paraiso Canopy Tour: Unique Tour for Thrill Seekers

Many canopy tours are located in different countries. With most of the land covered in rainforests, Costa Rica alone, already offers several canopy tours that will give eager tourists a taste of the environment in its natural beauty. A well-known tourist attraction in Costa Rica is the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour. Situated at the Canyon of the Arenal River, the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour comes with a view of wonderful landscapes and lush rainforests. This tour could be one of the most unforgettable experience in your life.

Unlike tours that start with long hikes, the Arenal Paraiso canopy tour begins with a short walk that will lead you to first of the 12 platforms. This is where canopy guides will brief you with important instructions and completely inspect all equipment. All harnesses and equipment are of top grade to ensure your safety. At the last platform, a shuttle will be waiting with snacks and will safely return you to the start.

Using steel cables and harnesses, a canopy tour is actually being suspended in air and whooshed to one platform to another. With 11 cables more than 350 meters long, 80 meters in height and a total of 12 platforms, Arenal Paraiso canopy tour can bring you to the best spots that will give you a great panoramic bird�s-eye view of two magical waterfalls and a vast terrain of tropical rainforest.

The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour provides an extraordinary way for tourists to explore the unique ecosystem of the Costa Rica rainforests without being intrusive to the environment. It is very important to maintain and protect the natural habitat so this canopy tour paves way for people to bask in nature without harming the environment.

Many people are now searching for more ways to enjoy a vacation beyond the usual swimming, sight-seeing, biking, hiking, snorkeling and diving activities. The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour provides a new and unique adventure. The exhilarating rush of gliding, as if you're flying, makes this one of the most memorable experience in a person's life. The Arenal Paraiso canopy tour is open to tourists from ages 8 to 70. For families and group of friends, this is great way to enjoy and collect experiences that will truly be unforgettable.