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Things To Know In Venice

In such a beautiful destination as Venice, one tends to be overwhelmed the minute one sets foot on the place. The excitement of seeing the canals, the buildings, the cobbled streets and the people makes one forget how and where to begin anything. It is important, then, to know some essential things about Venice.

The following is a partial list of some practical aspects of your stay.

Things to know

• No cars are allowed in Venice. Leave yours in the mainland and take public transportation going to the Venetian lagoon. Transportation within the city is good enough, though crowded at times. Also, they only stop at certain points along the Grand Canal and two other places. You walk your way around town.

• Get your Venice Card at the Marco Polo airport, Piazzale Roma and the Train Station. (There are now more places where to buy them.) This can help with museum admissions (discounts), vaporetto rides (lower fares), church admissions, and others. They also have a discounted version for young people.

• Public toilets are plentiful around popular tourist areas, charging 1 Euro for each use. If you have a Venice Card, they are free. Cafes and bars also have toilets which you can use, but as common courtesy, buy at least a cup of coffee.

• Original Murano glass is generally very expensive. But there are places where they are discounted (Piazza San Marco) and can sometimes go very much cheaper away from commercial centers (in outlying areas in Burano). Just be careful not to buy fakes imported from Asia.

• Fixed price “tourist dinner” is cheaper than a plate of spaghetti – there is no cover charge. Of course, the food quality of ‘menu turistico’ can not be guaranteed. Also, restaurants now slap a 10 or 15% surcharge on top of everything.

• The area around San Polo near Rialto and the fish market is typical of “bacaro” or “cichetteria”. These are the typical Venetian places to consume small snacks and drinks. “Cichetti” (similar to Spanish ‘tapas’) are popular snacks.

• If you must insist, here’s a lowdown on gondolas. They are expensive tourist attractions or romantic tours, whichever way you look at it. They charge 80 Euros for the first 40 minutes, and 40 Euros for every 20 minutes. After 7pm, the rate becomes 100 Euros for 40 minutes and 50 Euros for every additional 20 minutes. The maximum number of passengers is 6 persons, and you may split the fare with everyone.

• When ordering a fish dish, be aware that they are charged according to weight and not by piece. 7 Euros for every 100 grams would add up to 35 Euros for a medium sized fish that’s around half-a-kilo (500 grams). It pays to ask questions first before ordering.

• Almost everyone sells maps to tourists. These maps are FREE. You must have yours at the airport together with your transport ticket pass. If not, get them at the reception area of your hotel.

As in all other tourist destinations in the world, it really pays to ask around before committing on anything – transportation, food, shopping, going places, the best times to go, etc.

The above list is just some of the things one has to know about Venice. Be guided accordingly, and enjoy!

Things To Do In Venice

In such a place as Venice, the things a tourist must do (seeing places, buying things, watching festivals, etc.) might run into the hundreds. Unless you are staying for week (which could still be a short period for some people), you risk running out of days to explore most of Venice.

If your stay is limited for, say about three days, prioritize them down in a descending order. This is important because the tourism office might give you a list of “must-see” places. Do not engage for expensive tour packages just to do all those in your list.

Get lost

If you’re only visiting and you only have a day or hours to spare, walk around the city streets first before going inside any church, building, or museum. This is a guaranteed way of discovering the quaint charms of the squares and city streets not mentioned in any guide.

Getting lost in Canareggio or Dorsoduro districts are perfect balms for your tired eyes. And then you can go and visit your listed churches and destinations. (Scuola di San Rocco church has some wonderful art masterpieces of Titian and Tintorretto.)

If you are lucky and still have a night to spare, then get lost in Piazza San Marco, just beside the basilica. The magic is mostly there in the early mornings and late evenings before the day crowds arrive or after they have left.

St. Mark’s Basilica

The all-time favorite of most people, St. Mark’s has its own distinctive beauty accented by its onion domes, multi-colored marble pillars, and the fascinating floor-to-ceiling mosaics. Although getting inside the basilica is free, the three museums inside have entry fees to get in.

Doge’s Palace

Just beside the basilica is the Doge’s Palace, arguably the second most important attraction in Venice. One probable good reason to pay the hefty fee is the chance to walk across the famous Bridge of Sighs. (You can see the bridge from the outside, though.)


Taking the Grand Canal tour via the #1 Vaporetto, the water-buses of Venice, is equivalent to a city bus tour. It is slow, and it runs the length of the Grand Canal. Enjoy the sights along the way. (You may bring with you some take-along tour guide and some gelato.) Gondolas may be romantic but they are terribly expensive.

Murano glass

Even if you have not seen actual glass-blowing, you need not go with the demonstrations arranged by some packaged tours. Simply catch a vaporetto (not booked by your hotel) to Murano and walk around the streets until you find some open glass-blowing studio and watch the process without the large crowd.

The streets of Burano / Rialto market

Going for a stroll is great in the streets of Burano with its brightly-colored buildings. It is less crowded, and perfect for taking in the view. Check out, too, the Rialto market and see where the locals get their food. One note: if you like something, point at it and the vendor will pick and bag it for you.

Doing the things you want to do in Venice is not that difficult, if you stay away from the crowd and those tourist-filled destinations. Better still, try to visit during off-season. The prices are a little lower and the crowd is manageable.

The Big Six of Venice

All of Central Venice is one colossal sight - giving you a great time wandering the alleyways, monuments, museums and religious buildings. The historic centre of the city is made up of 118 islands, tied together by some 400 bridges to form an amalagamation divided into six large administrative districts. Here are six of Venice's foremost attractions guaranteed to amaze tourists:

1. The Palazzo Ducale - This pink-and-white marble Gothic-Renaiisance residence and government center of the doges stands between the Basilica di San Marco and St. Mark's Basin. It is one of Italy's greatest civic structures built in the 15th century by Alesandro Sforza. The most famous painting display here is Piero della Francesca's masterpiece, The Flagellation. Another highlight is the remarkable portrait of Federico and his son Guidobaldo.

2. The Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - More popular as the "Frari," this Venetian Gothic Church is few walks away from San Marco. Filled with great art, among of the best work that can be seen here is Titian's Assumption over the main altar - a masterpiece of soaring beauty depicting the ascension of the Madonna on a cloud puffed up by floating cherubs. (Source: Frommer's Portable Venice).

3. Piazza San Marco - Tucked in the heart of Venice is the Piazza San Marco where St. Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace can be found. St. Mark's is adorned with booty from every corner of the city's once far-flung mercantile empire. Spanning the facade is a loggia, surmounted by replicas of the four famous St. Mark's horses, the Triumphal Quadriga. The interior is a stunning wonderland of marble, alabaster, porphyry, and pillars. To arrange a tour inside the Piazza San Marco, call 041-5225205.

4. The Scuola Grande di San Rocco - One of the Venice's most important scuole, it has a lively facade by Scarpagnino,and inside it contains one of the womders of Venice - or rather, 54 wonders - all painted by Tintoretto. The artist took more than 20 years to complete his dramatic works in this scuola. For tours, you may call 041-523-4864.

5. The Accademia - Many writers say that the glory that was Venice lives on in the Accademia, the grand cathedral of Venetian art, ablaze with light and colour. The collection is arranged chronologically, from the former refectory of the Scuola to 14th-century altarpieces by Paolo and Lorenzo Veneziano.

6. Santi Giovanni e Paolo - It is the richest monumental public space in Venice dominated by the huge brick church from which it gets its name. The square is overlooked by the most beautiful facade of any of the scuole grandi and one of the finest equestrian monumnets in the world. It was built by the Dominican order from the 13th to the 15th century where 25 doges are buried. It is second in size to the Basilica di San Marco and also home to a number of artistic treasures.

A row of cafe-bars and a perpetual gaggle of ball-playing kids keep the atmosphere lively. To visit this church, you may call 041-523-7510 or 041-235-5913.

Surviving Venice

Venice is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With the number of tourists coming into the fabled city – most of them with enough money to spend – it is not much of a stretch that many criminal elements would also flock to the place as well.

Most of them are not from Venice, although there are some few locals who also take advantage on their unsuspecting visitors. Like in other places of the world, it is always a mixture of the good and not-so-good people.

Not all incidents, however, are bad. Some are funny, surprising, and some are the results of being too gullible. Here are some tips taken from actual experiences of previous tourists. As always, your common sense is your best guide.

Some survival tips

***Beware of fake signature handbags sold on the streets. Ignore them because they are illegal. There is a hefty fine (3,000 Euros) simply for buying from them.

***Be careful if you plan to buy those famous Venetian masks – they can be overpriced. Worse, they might be imported fakes from abroad. There are still shops around where you can witness the actual papier-mâché process. Buy from them to be sure.

***Ordering food from sidewalk cafes, especially fish, can be tricky. Fish in these places are sold by weight, not by piece. 7 Euros means 7 Euros per etto (or 100 grams), so a regular fish weighing 5 etto (500 grams or half a kilo) might cost you 35 Euros, rather too steep for fish. Always ask.

***Do you want to have some coffee and sit at St. Mark? Check for hidden cover charges. They could be more expensive than your coffee, simply because you were listening to some live orchestra playing while sipping your latte. (Try Campo San Polo or Campo Santa Margherita. Their coffee is lovely even without the music and they are reasonably priced.)

Side note: Like in most of Italy, sitting down and consuming your food and drinks costs more than doing the same (eating and drinking) standing at the “banco” (bar area).

***Original Murano glass pieces, hand-blown and designed by authentic glass masters are generally very expensive. However, items sold near Piazza San Marco are greatly discounted because of too much competition among the shops.

Sometimes, bigger discounts are also available at Burano or some other outlying areas away from the commercial centers. Of course, you still have to be wary of fakes imported from Asia and passed on as original Murano glass.

Practical tips

If you are staying in spring and summer, ask for mosquito repellents. The beautiful windows of many of La Serenissima hotels do not have screens. Hotels have small electric mosquito repellents.

Buy yourself a small pocket flashlight. It will be handy looking at your maps in the evenings. Venetian street lamps are quite dim, very romantic and mysterious, but do not help you in seeing what’s on your map.

Maps of Venice are given out FREE along with your transport ticket pass at the airport. Everywhere else seems to be selling the maps to unsuspecting tourists who don’t have theirs. (Some hotels also have free maps of the city available at their reception.)

If you took note of some of these tips, it might help you survive your stay in one of the world’s most enchanting and truly fascinating cities. These difficulties notwithstanding, Venice is still the best.

Religious Structures To Visit in Venice

Sparkling and grimed, disused and active, domed and campanili, much of the great attractions in Venice are its churches,
scuole or guild houses and synagogues.

1. Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore - Founded in the early 10th century, this church was designed by the great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. In this church, he imposed a classical façade by designing two interlocking facades with repeating triangles, rectanges, and columns - a logical rhytym that are carefully and harmoniously proportioned. The interior of the church are whitewashed surfaces showing Paladio's fondness on stark and majestic, unadorned but harmonious space. Two epic paintings by Tintoretto, The Fall of Manna and Morti, Chapel of the Dead can be seen near the main altar.

2. Basilica di San Marco - Once a remarkable place of worship, the basilica embodies a unique blend of architectural and decorative styles, dominated by the Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. It's greatest treasure is the magnificent altarpiece known as the Pala d'Oro, a Gothic masterpiece encrusted with close to 2,000 precious gems and 255 enameled panels. For tours, you can call 041-522-52 05, admission is free.

3. Chiesa Santa Maria dei Miracoli - One of the most attractive religious buildings in Europe, it looks like an elaborate box containing the most refined of chocolates. The architect of this chiesa is Pietro Lombardo, a local artist who bejeweled it with marble, bas-reliefs and statues. The timber ceiling is also eye-catching. In 1470's a series of miracles were reported which led to pilgrims for the image of the Virgin Mary. The chiesa’s admission fee is 2.50 euros.

4. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - Finished in 1443, the Frari is a tower of elegance in brick, eschews almost completely the twisting face like external decoration typical of French and German Gothic. The frari was built by Franciscans and has long been considered something of a memorial to the ancient glories of Venice. Giovanni Bellini's Madonna and Child is displayed in the sacristy. For tours, you can call 041-522-2637, admission is 2.50 euros.

5. Cattedrale di San Pietro di Castello - This church is the Venice cathedral from 1451 - 1807 which sits in easy somnolence on the far-removed island of San Pietro. Legend says that the strange Trono di San Pietro was used by the Apostle Peter in Antioch and that the Holy Grail was hidden in it. However, the legend is unlikely because the seatback of the throne is actually made up of Muslim tombstone, postdating the Apostles's death by quite a number of centuries.

6. Chiesa di San Martino - This church is named after St. Martin of Tours, Venice pride being the first christian saint to die of a natural death and not a martyr. The main attraction of Chiesa di San Martino is the ceiling fresco which depicts the Gloria di San Martino. For tours you can call 041-523-04 87, admission is free.

To avoid embarrassments and disappointments, dress appropriately when visiting churches and other sacred buildings.

Quality Spending in Venice

If you are looking for a unique and enjoyable, then Venice is a perfect option for you. Being one of the most popular cities in Italy, Venice is quite famous not only for its wonderful attractions but also for its unique gastronomic selection and its wide array of activities to choose from.

How to spend your time and money wisely

While on a vacation, there are two important things that you should spend wisely: TIME and MONEY. Since you don’t have all the time in the world to explore Venice, you should plan you visit very well. It would really help if you would write your itinerary even before you leave so everything is carefully scheduled. If you are able to plot your schedule well, you can maximize your time in visiting as many places as you can.

To ensure that you will visit the major attractions in Venice, include in the list the main places to go to including the St. Mark's Square that houses the St. Mark's Basillica and Doges Palace in the San Marco District which is considered as the central area. Aside from visiting the attractions here, you can also visit nearby districts including the Castello District, the Dorsoduro District, the Cannaregio District, and the San Polo District.

These districts offer other interesting sites such as the "Arsenale," the "Biennale Art Exhibitions," the "Accademia," the "Campo Santa Margherita," the "Jewish Ghetto," the "Ca D'oro," the "Venetian Mercantile Empire," "Rialto Fish Market," and the "Friari Church" among others. You can also take a peak of the art museums and galleries where you can see the works of traditional Venetian masters like Giorgione, Bellini, Titian, and Tintoretto as well as the art pieces of many contemporary artists. You can tour the various public and privately-run museums and galleries like the "Peggy Guggenheim Museum," the "Correr museum," and the "Naval Museum" among others.

To ensure that you spend your money wisely, it is a must to convert your local currency to Euro. Although you can exchange travellers cheques and foreign money at public places such as banks, railway stations and airports, it is best if you exchange your money prior to your visit because the rates are more convenient. If you choose to, you can also use credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club which are widely accepted in major establishments. However, if you are eyeing a shopping spree in smaller stores, cash at hand is more ideal.

If you want to save some money on tour vacations, dining, and shopping, you can consider public options. In mode of transportation, you can ride public means such as the "vaporetto" and "traghetto" instead of hiring a private gondola. When eating out, opt for "baracos" and "osterias" instead of dining in expensive restaurants. And instead of buying souvenirs and other items in specialty stores, you can find great buys in local markets.

Once you have decided to go on a Venice vacation, you should also consider the peak seasons, type and length of vacation, as well as the legalities and confirmations for your vacation.

How To Make The Best Out Of Your Stay in Venice

When going on a vacation to a city like Venice, the first thing that you should do is be knowledgeable about the place. Aside from that, you should consider to ensure that your trip would be a success which is the cost of the whole trip.

Knowing and calculating your costs and possible expenditures during Venice vacation can greatly help you set a realistic budget during your stay. By estimating the possible cost of your vacation, you can set your budget in advance so you wouldn’t be spending more than you can afford to spend. Another advantage of knowing how much you will spend will also help your leave your worries behind because you have enough money to spend on something during the entire trip.

If possible, always make sure that you leave an allowance or you allot at least 10 to 20 percent of the total of your budget to spend on emergency cases. The most important expenses that you should expect from your from your Venice vacations is accommodation. This very important in planning your budget because this is where you will stay once the busy day is finished. Many people make good accommodations a priority because this is their home when out of the house while others are not so much into good accommodations because they think that they should be getting as much exposure as they can get when they are in a vacation destination.

During a Venice vacation, accommodations will matter because this is where you will spend most of your time after a long day of touring. This is also the place where you will leave your baggage for safe keeping. If you want ultimate comfort, choose accommodation that are near the central city so you can have access to almost all the things that you might need.

Enjoying your stay

Aside from personal comfort, the best way to enjoy Venice is when you tour the city itself. If you ask people who have been to a Venice vacation, they would tell you not to miss out on its major tourist attractions because this is what will make the trip worthwhile.

During a tour, you can opt for tour services offered by various establishments. Many of them offer scheduled tours that ensure that you will se all the sites that you should when you visit Venice. You will have a local to accompany you when you choose guided tours. This might cost a much but if you want an orderly and safe touring, you can get their services.

But if you want a less formal city tour, then you could tour the city yourself. All you need you need to do is to have a list of the attractions that you want to visit and go these one day at a time. Make sure that you visit the main attraction in the place by touring the St. Mark's Square where you can also drop by at the St. Mark's Basillica and the Doges Palace.

You can also visit nearby districts to see more sites and attractions that are truly worth your brief stay.

Getting Around Venice

In Venice, no cars are allowed, so you cannot get around using one. If you are traveling by car, it is advisable to leave it in the mainland. From there, you can take public transportation going into the city.

If you go by land, take a bus to the Piazzale Roma which is across the Grand Canal from the train station. If by water, get a ride on the Alilaguna waterbus.

If you go by train, get off ONLY on the station “Venice Santa Lucia”. (The first two, named “Venice” and “Venice Mestre” are still on the mainland.) You will be deposited right at the Grand Canal with a big vaporetto waiting for you.

Once in the city, going around is by walking, of which Venice is ideal. But then, a whole city – however small – cannot be explored by foot alone. Since Venice is surrounded by waterways, long transportation is carried out by water vessels.


This is the main transportation going to and from places far from the city. These are big bus boats which have regular routes along the Grand Canal from the city proper to other places. (e.g. to Murano, Burano, or Torcello, etc.)

One single ticket for an hour of travel time is around 7 Euros. It is better to get a pass that covers your whole visit. Several kinds of passes are available for tourists covering both water and land transportation. Some have discounts at various shops and attractions in the city.

The main tourist line is the #1 vaporetto. It travels across the whole of the Grand Canal, stopping at every single stop between the train station and Piazza San Marco. If you are in a rush, don’t take the vaporetto.

However, if you want to travel in a leisurely manner because of the sights along the way, the vaporetto is perfect. (Validate your tickets in the machines along the planks before you board.)

If the weather cooperates, it is one grand way to spend the hour (the whole travel time) watching the city float by. Just don’t be in the way of the people who rope the boat up at every stop.

If you want a faster transport, take the #82 vaporetto. It is faster because it stops only at some few points between the train station and San Marco terminals. However, this is a seasonal liner, operating only on high tourist seasons. If you are visiting off-season, there is no #82 vaporetto.


They look like gondolas, but they are not. They don’t have gondoliers with striped shirts singing songs. Traghettos are short distance transport boats used to cross the Grand Canal at various points where there are no connecting bridges.

There are traghetto stands and waiting boats along the banks of the Grand Canal. These traghetto boats transport passengers to and from either side of the canal.


These quaint-looking boats make up for the postcard picture of Venice. In essence, these are expensive water taxis for hire when you want to go on a leisurely, romantic cruise around the city’s canals.

In these hard times, the gondola business is still going on strong in Venice, which means the world is still full of romantics with money to burn. Of course, getting around Venice need not be in gondolas, and they can be just as romantic as you can make them to be.

Exploring Venice

One of the most visited places in Italy is the city of Venice. This is probably because it offers the most wonderful scenery that anybody could set eyes on. A city that it literally built on water, Venice continues to get a large patronage among people within neighboring cities and countries in Europe as well as from other parts of the world.

If you are planning to visit Venice, one of the major things that you should consider is getting there. If you are from other countries, say from the United States, the best and easiest way to get to this beautiful city is by riding a plane. Via Delta Airways—which is the only one that offers direct flight to Venice—from JFK airport in New York, you can fly straight to the city without hassles and stopovers. You can also take other connecting flights to nearby cities in Europe and just find your way to the city via land transportation.

If you are in nearby cities already such as from Padua or Florence, you can take the train since Venice is orderly serviced by regional and national train system. You can arrive at the Sta. Lucia Station and take other forms of public transport. It is a must that you get to know the right means of getting there to avoid spending too much when you can actually save some for other activities or for shopping spree.

Knowing the city

A Venice vacation can be a great treat for anybody. Especially to those people who are often gets stressed out by the modern world. This is because this can give you a perfect break away from all the toxicities modern life has to offer. But, before going into a vacation Venice, take some time to know the place that you are planning to go to. This will really help you a lot in maximizing the time you are going to spend there.

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is you schedule during your vacation. Since you don’t have all the time in the world to explore Venice during you vacation, it is best that you plot the list of activities that you will be doing during your stay. Your schedule or itinerary might include visiting Venice's interesting sites and historical places. This is very important especially for first-time visitors because these tours can give them a primer and background about the place. For those who would want to know about the history of the place, they can visit historical sites including the Piazza San Marco or the St. Marks Square which will introduce you to the city that is Venice. Within this are other tourist attractions including the St. Marks Basilica and the Doges Palace.

You can also try water adventures and activities. A Venice vacation is nothing if you don’t get to experience water activities waiting for you. During your stay, it is a must that you take a boat and visit the lagoon’s islands called "Torcello," and take a Gondola trips through the Grand Canal.

Dining In Venice

Venice is located in Italy. It is a small city where people are warm and hospitable. The wonderful weather as well as the breathtaking sites will also make any vacation in the place a wonderful experience. Today, more and more people choose to visit Venice because it embodies a place where everybody can relax in a wonderful environment—with good food, hospitable people, and unique culture.

If you are planning to go on a trip to Venice, it is a must that you prepare first for the trip. The most basic thing that you can do is to introduce yourself to the place by knowing the basic things about it. You can do this by visiting various websites that offer information on Venice. These sites will give you an overview about the place, what to expect, how to get there, and a wide array of activities available for you. By visiting a websites, you can also get travel discounts or cheaper airfare fees especially when you book for a much earlier date. Getting a low rate airfare to get you to Venice is ideal to help you save some money for the big adventure.

Aside from browsing the Internet, you can also get important information and tips from travel magazines, which feature the place. In these feature stories and articles, you can get various opinions, comments, and observations about the place that can help you decide if you really can afford Venice vacations or if everything will worth the trip.

The best dining options

Aside from the most basic things that you should know when you will go on a trip to Venice, there is one particular thing that you should consider—dining. If you are not a picky eater, you can just opt for anything that is offered within the vicinity. But if you can be sensitive about eating and dining in other places, then you might want to take some time off to research about dining in Venice.

A taste of Italy is visible in dining experiences in Venice. The most common dining area here is called the "Bacaro," referring to a mainstream Venetian bar. In this area lie several "hole-wall-eateries" that offers delectable local Venetian snacks as well as local choices of wines that are relatively cheaper compared to other dining options. You can find "Bacaros" in all almost all areas of the city that are really designed and place in areas where people usually go for sight-seeing.

If you opt for a bigger and more comfortable dining place for you family or for your companions, dine in "Osteria". These refer to family-run restaurants that are also plenty around the city of Venice. These restaurants offer home style cooking where you can choose from a wide variety of local specialties at very affordable prices. For those who have tried local specialties and are craving for other food choices, they can also opt for ethnic restaurants that can be found in the heart of the city.

These can be more expensive since they are not available locally and are especially-made for a few customers.

Carnival In Venice

If there is one fun festival you have to see in your lifetime, Carneval di Venezia (Carnival In Venice) should be the one. It is the only carnival in the world that is celebrated to allow people masquerade themselves into their secret fantasies and illusions. This is the reason for the masks and the costumes.

Now celebrated every February, the carnival is the one time when the whole city becomes as colorful and spectacular as the masked and costumed citizens are. In the past, it used to be a long festival running from December 26 all the way to Ash Wednesday.

Today, it still is a wild, enjoyable and fun festival that lasts for ten days where people put on masks and colorful costumes to become the people of their own fantasies. With their real selves hidden under costumes and masks, they would go out into the streets and participate in the festivities.

Many shows are mounted in the squares and mostly in Piazza San Marco, especially on Jeudi (Thursday) and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), the most important days of the carnival. In other parts of the city, there are also several street performances, parades and other attractions.


The origin of the carnival is said to have begun in celebration for the victory of Venice against Ulrich, the Patriarca of Aquileia in 1162 A.D.

It reached the height of its magnificence around 1700 when it began to attract visitors from all over Europe. There grew a mini-industry to manufacture more masks and costumes (mostly of the heavy velvets for cloaks and capes) for use by more people participating in the occasion.

It was the time when kings and princes and other European royalty would take part in the Carnival in order to have a good time on the city’s squares and streets.

Today, it is still celebrated by the whole city, this time with tourists watching and joining in the open-air celebrations, including public shows and private parties organized and held in the Venetian palaces.


The symbol of Carnival is definitely the masks. These are created by skilled craftsmen whose art were inherited from past masters. These handcrafted masks are quite expensive but are available all over Venice.

The most famous and fashionable mask (and costume) is the unisex “Bauta”. The whole get-up consist of a black tricorn hat, a black cloak and the white papier-mâché mask. The mask leaves the mouth area uncovered for eating and drinking.

The “Moretta” is a black oval mask with holes only for the eyes. There is also a mask of a cat called “Gnaga.” The mask of the “plague doctor” is one with a long nose or beak.

The wearing of masks during the festival had been dated back to the 12th century although it was only in 1608 when it was officially deemed proper. Since then, mask-making is handled by the masters with only a handful considered the best.

The importance of the carnival in Venice is seen all year round with the display of fancy dresses in stores. Also, if you visit the city anytime of the year, the mask-making shops are all hard at work making this beautiful symbol of the festival. It is if all the days of the year are solely in preparation for the carnival.

Best Places To Eat in Venice

1. Laguna da Toni – Is a docked boat which sits 25-minute boat ride away from Portegrandi, a town near the islands of Burano and Torcello. Thanks to the abundant lagoon produce, this humble bilancia is serving fresh and tasty Venetian cuisines like pasta con granchietto di laguna, frittura misto and sarde in soar. For 35 euros per person, you can indulge a seven-course dinner which includes dessert, coffee, sparkling white wine from Conegliano, and boat transportation from Portegrandi. If you want escape from the busy streets of Venice and take some fresh air , Laguna da Toni is the right place for you. Reservations must be booked at least two weeks ahead, you can reach Mr. Toni Zottarel, the bilancia owner and cook at telephone number: 39-338-821-1229.

2. La Cusina - Dining in La Cusina gives you the chance to enjoy the view of Santa Maria della Salute - a most sought-after sight you can enjoy while devouring a sumptuous Italian cuisine like ravioli stuffed with sea bass in a light cream sauce with wild fennel. Prices of main meals ranges from 21 to 23 euros while secondary meals ranges from 23 to 34 euros.

3. Avogaria Locanda and Restaurant – Sweet, quiet and modern, this restaurant specializes in Puglian cuisine, mostly olive oil-based meals like burrata con verdure, fresh mozzarella with creamy center and vegetables, tuna fish "tagliata" with sesame, filetto di branzino in crosta di patate al forno, and sea bass fillet with potatoes. By plane, you can reach Avogaria either thru Marco Polo Venice Airport or San Giuseppe Treviso Airport. It’s located on Calle dell'Avogaria in Dorsoduro and with telephone number: 011-39-041-296-0491.

4. Fiaschetteria Toscana - This "bright, elegant, and relatively small place" wrote Mark Bittman, is tucked in the heart of Venice, 200 metres from Ponte di Rialto in Salizada s. Giovanni Grisostomo. Fiaschetteria Toscana got its name in late 1800s when the Busatto family, from Montecatini in Tuscany, opened a bar offering typical local products. Today, despite its name, this restaurant serves traditional Venetian fare like sarde in saor or marinated sardines. Their risottos are one of the best in the city – made with aged organic Carnaroli rice popularly known as Acquerello from a small Piedmontese producer. The end-product? A Venetian risotto which is perfectly soupy and loose but hardly creamy.

5. Cantinone Gia Schiavi - Located just southwest of the Accademia bridge, this place is popular for their great wine selection from Venice. They are open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm thru Mondays to Saturdays and 10 am to 1 pm on Sundays.

6. Al Covo - This lovely restaurant located in Castello, Venice is popular not only for their fresh seafoods and excellent selection of moderately priced wines but also for their warm and welcoming atmosphere. Waiters are friendly, suggestive and English speaking. One of the owners of this lovely restaurant hails from Texas, which explains the hospitable atmosphere to Americans. Their menu includes garnished light beef tartar steak, fresh granzevola or spider-crab meat, and canocce or shrimp salad for starters; roasted lamp chops with lentils and homemade mint sauce and deep-fried fish and shellfish with crispy vegetables and matchstick fries for main courses. They also have a fresh 24 hour salad for side dishes.

Attractions and Art Appreciation in Venice

A vacation in Venice is one of the most enjoyable trips that one can ever have. This is because the experience would finally fulfill dreams for an ultimate adventure getaway. For people who have not set foot on the Venice, a tour vacation is a perfect opportunity because it can give you eases and comfort in exploring the sites of the wonderful place.

Venice the city itself is very historic. So while on a vacation there, sight-seeing opportunities could be unlimited. When you go there on a vacation, it is a must to see the main—if not the major—tourist attraction offered by the city: the Piazza San Marco or the St. Marks Square. Here, you can visit the wonderful St. Marks Basilica, The Doges Palace with its amazing bell-tower as well as many other local establishments that are great for sightseeing and photo opportunities.

A visit in the St. Mark's Square is only the "appetizer" in the list of must-see attractions in Venice. The next would be riding the world-famous "Gondolas" which is a staple picture of any Venice vacation. Riding the Venetian Gondola is a must for those who set foot on Venice the first time because it provides an ease and comfortable tour of the city. Gondolas a usually rented for a specific period of time and you can ask the driver to cruise you along the narrower canals inside the inner quarters of Venice. You can take a tour of the city via The Grand Canal first then you can take the back canals which will provide you a more intimate feel of the city.

Next would be a tour of the Grand Canal which is the biggest—and most detailed —tourist attractions in Venice. This canal stretches from the railway station down to the far end of the city where St. Marks Square is located. The ideal means of touring the Grand Canal would be through the Grand Canal Boat Tour that offers convenient route for the most wonderful sites within the city.

Aside from visiting the St. Marks square, the Basilica, and the Doges Palace located in the San Marco District, other must-see attractions in Venice would ideally include sightseeing in the Castello District that features the "Arsenale," the "Biennale Art Exhibitions" as well as other public gardens. You can also visit the main attractions offered by the Dorsoduro District including the "Accademia," the "Peggy Guggenheim Museum" that features rare Gondola workshops as well as the "Campo Santa Margherita."

If you have more time, try to go around the Cannaregio District where you can find the "Jewish Ghetto," and the "Ca D'oro," as well as the San Polo district for great bargains at the "Venetian Mercantile Empire" and "Rialto Fish Market," and a wonderful features of the "Friari Church".

A complete tour of Venice would include a visit to its museums and art galleries where you can see the works by almost all great Venetian masters like Titian, Bellini, Tintoretto and Giorgione. Aside from the Peggy Guggenheim museum, other museums and art galleries that you must visit should include "The Correr museum," the "Naval Museum," the "Gallerie dell'Accademia," the "Museo Civico Correr," and the "Glass Museum at Murano."

Arriving In Venice

Venice is probably one of the best places any person could ever visit. This is because it a city that offers almost all the comforts of modern times but still keeps the atmosphere of the olden times. If you are planning to go on a vacation to Venice in Italy, one of the things that you need to pay attention to is getting there.

Getting to Venice

Depending on your location, Venice could be reached via plane, trains and cars. Once you arrive in Italy, there are many ways in which you can reach Venice and one of the easiest—not to mention the fastest—would be via plane from the Marco Polo Airport. Actually, the airport could be considered as an attraction itself because of its high-tech features and facilities. The airport system is very passenger friendly to avoid confusion especially on foreign visitors. It basically consists to two floors—the ground floor mainly reserved for various rental agencies, desks for water-taxi reservations, booths cruise agents, escorts and guides, area for public transportation and kiosks for tourist information while the first floor is where the gates for departure as well as the duty-free zone that offer various Italian products for easy and convenient shopping experience.

If you are flying to Venice from the United States, it is best to rely on Delta Airways because they are the only one who has direct flight. From JFK airport in New York, you can fly directly to Venice without so much hassle but if you are coming from other areas in the States, you can have connecting flights to other cities in European like London, Rome, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, or Amsterdam off to Venice.

If you are coming from neighboring cities such as Rome, Milan, Treviso, Florence or Padua, you can take the train into the Santa Lucia railway station. Since Venice is serviced by national and regional train lines, you can get to the city in no time. But if you prefer to get there by car, you will have a big problem since Venice is literally built on water, so it is considered a "no car zone". However, you can still get near Venice using the car only up to the terminal using the bridge Ponte della Liberta coming from Mestre. From there, you can park your car and take the ferry from Lido and then you will have to take the "vaporetti" off to Venice.

Before arriving in Venice, it is a must that you have a plan in staying there since it can be quite complicated especially for first timers. The major things that you should consider include the time since you are not familiar with the country, it is best to know when is the best time to get to Venice so you can enjoy almost everything it has to offer.

Also, the length of the vacation so you can have almost everything you need and the weather and climate so you will not get sick while on vacation.

A Rough Guide To Venice

Venice is a city for meanderers, it rewards every minute devoted to penetrating it's cat's cradle of intertwined lanes. The city is built on 117 small islands and about 150 canals and 410 bridges. The city is divides into six sestieri or districts: Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, San Polo, Dorsoduro, and Santa Croce. To fully enjoy the city's beauty, don't just stick to the tried and tested places like Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Gallerie dell'Accademia but as well on less traveled sights like Ca'Rezzonico, Ca'Pesaro, and the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.

The busiest times are between May and September, Christmas and New Year, during February and at Easter. In September, a film festival is held on the Lido. The best time to visit Venice is on early spring and late autumn. Summer is also good with fine weather and long days to visit churches and museums in the afternoon, going on excursions and picnics, watching concerts and operas. Between June and September many hotels are full so if you choose to visit on these months make sure to book two months in advance.

The public transportation is by vaporetto or small passenger ferry along the canals. What anywhere in Italy would be a via or street, is in Venice, a calle. Take note that a street beside a canal is called fondamenta, smaller streets flanked by houses and shops is called ruga or rughetta, a tiny side lane connecting two bigger streets is ramo, and a quay is riva. Venice has its own style of street numbering, each district has a long series of numbers. A hotel might give its address as San Marco 4687 but its number doesn't help much, to avoid confusion rely on street names.

For up-to-date practical information, it is best to consult the current issue of Un ospite di Venezia. This can be obtained from the Azienda Promozione Turistica, Piazza San Marco 73c, and the reception desk in most hotels and pensioni. It lists the opening times of museums, scuole or shools, chiesa and cathedrals and more which vary from one season to another.

Trattorie are numerous than hotels in Venice. If you are looking for excellent international cuisine you can dine at Antico Martini near the Fenice. For local colour and good inexpensive Venetian food, go to Locanda Montin which has rooms hung with modern pictures and large shady garden. There are many Venetian dishes that do not depend on seafoods like risi e bisi or risotto made with peas and ham. Among cheeses, the rather dry Asiago is good. Most of the wines served in Venice come from Veneto like Tokai from Friuli, Soave di Verona and Pinot Nero. Soave, grappa, proseco are among the top local wines of Venice.

It is worth remembering too that in all cafes imported drinks are expensive than Italian ones. And if you sit down at a table you pay much more than if you stand up at bar. So like most Venetians, better to sip your coffee or have your glass of wine standing.

Why The Orient Express Trips Are Fun and Convenient

When we speak of distance travel, the first mode of transportation that comes to your mind is no other than the train. Did you know that in the past, the Orient Express trips were too popular? Well, there have been too many accounts claiming that the train itself was filled with an air of mystery and intrigue. Add to it the fact that Agatha Christie authored a murder mystery novel with reference to her personal experience and a lot other people's experience aboard the railcars of the Orient Express.

Anyhow, ever since the original owners gave up on the business up to the time that things have been restored by no other than James Sherwood, the same luxurious service has gotten the people from all over world hooked into the fun and excitement provided by the train ride.

These days, the Venice Simplon Orient Express runs on different routes on the continent. It is the successor of the authentic train line and is the product of all the painstaking efforts of the entrepreneur and rail aficionado Mr. Sherwood. Apparently, the same train line continues to boost the European tourism. People from all over the world up to now enjoy the legendary ride as they come to the continent for a visit.

Reviving the Past

As one boards the train, he or she can't help but reminisce the old times of the original legendary train. Luxurious and high-end at all costs, the passengers are provided a wonderful opportunity to weave through the scenario in the olden days and relive them in their minds. More so, they also get a glimpse of the wondrous pictures of the countryside as the train cuts through the routes.

Meeting and Socializing with People

Being on any of the Orient Express trips doesn't mean that you will be a lonely soul if you are traveling by yourself. It also doesn't mean that you will just confine with the members of your team. Because there are sumptuous meals served, fine wines to taste, and coaches to share, there is no stopping you from mingling with other individuals.

During dinner or tea time, you can always catch up with the other passengers. Get to know them. Start building friendships. The train passengers are nonetheless a mixture of people from various nationalities and backgrounds. Hence, you can likewise swap stories remembering the legends that surround this famous train.

Routes to Take

Prior to boarding the train, you first have to decide on your route. Where do you want to go? How long do you intend to stay? It is but wise to plan your trip ahead and come up with your timetable. The good news is that the Venice Simplon Orient Express can take you to a myriad of destinations like London, Paris, Bucharest, Florence, Monte Carlo, Rome, and Italy.

What is more to marvel at is the fact that the Orient Express trips have likewise expanded to cover more destinations such as Bangkok and Singapore in Southeast Asia, Machu Picchu in Peru, and several other UK areas. So, be sure to take the train as you visit these places!

What You Need To Know About The Orient Express

The Orient Express is world-renowned luxury travel service at its best! Since the 1920's when the very first Orient Express carriage was created, it already captured the acceptance of the people. The people loved the carriage, being a luxurious, extremely posh and comfortable carriage that offers them the best experience unparalleled with other train service providers.

The Northern Belle Carriage Journey
Stop over to a stately home or castle with the Northern Belle train ride. You will be welcomed, accommodated in and served by the service staff in crisply starched uniforms. The Orient Express has the shining color and green interiors. Feast on a sumptuous gourmet meal especially prepared by a skilled chef matched with a bottle of champagne as the carriage slowly slips by to your next destinations.

The Orient Express Murder Mystery by Agatha Christie

The experience of the Orient-Express Murder Mystery merges a collection of amazingly beautiful landscapes along England's countryside with a perfect plot of a murder. You may go around Brighton's porch and eat the sumptuous food served with champagne as you try to find out the real culprit in Agatha Christie's murder story. The elements of mystery and intrigue, for unknown reasons, go together in the Orient Express. World-renowned authors including Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming, Graham Greene and Bram Stoker share one thing in common. They all shared their iconic characters they used for daytime journeys; thus, raising the train's credibility for dramatic style.

On Board the Orient Express' British Pullman

Experience luxury train journeys at once from the golden age with an Orient Express trip! You may choose to board and experience the travel delights offered by the British Pullman. Learn and understand the significant role of the British Pullman carriages in the train history of the world. There were so many British Pullman carriages that were mixed up in significantly important historical events of the country. This included the State visit of France's Presidents Charles de Gaulle during the1960s.

Did you know that the man responsible for creating all these beautifully engineered carriages of the Orient Express named George Mortimer Pullman, was a school dropout? Yes, the man behind all these luxury trains everyone in the world admires and respects left school at a very young age of fourteen. Due to poverty, sought work and found one as a coffin maker, and then eventually a gold seller before finally shifting into the automotive business. And would you believe it he made his own steam trains and getting the design from the small boats that traversed the Erie Canal where this remarkable man was brought up.

There are several other destinations via the Orient Express. One of which is the Royal Scotsman Rail Journey where passengers will get to experience the splendor of the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Catch a glimpse of the ever-revolutionizing landscapes that behold your sight, the soaring peaks of Scotland while aboard the very exciting Royal Scotsman on an exciting tour to Scotland!

Sumptuous gourmet meals for lunch and dinner matched with champagne and wine make the Scotsman Rail Journey a truly luxurious, elegant and comfortable train ride!

The Venice Simplon Orient Express Voyage

Take the tour to Venice and simply have fun exploring its cultures and riches while all aboard the Orient Express! Orient Express gives unmatched luxury and superior service what with its sumptuous gourmet cuisine, very courteous and personal service, fine displays of furniture portraying romance combined with world class service. For this reason, Orient Express remains popularly known as the best train service provider offering the finest and superior train rides in the world. Really, there could be nothing more special and romantic than bringing a loved one to the early times of the 20th century. Ride in the Orient Express carriage and be hurled away to the Victorian Era where you will see the real beauty of traditional Europe!

Breath-taking Experiences Along the Countryside
Experience seeing a wide assortment of breath-taking sceneries and very beautiful landscapes while the train passes by the countryside vistas of France, North Eastern Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein! And finally catching a glimpse of the spectacularly romantic ambience and out of this world panorama you will behold on your final stop and destination, Venice!

The well-known Venice Simplon-Orient-Express consists of 17 green carriages divided into 11sleeping and passenger rail cars. There are private cabins with each cabin having its own hand basin cabinet with available hot and cold water. The same cabin easily transforms into a very comfortable sleeping room at nighttime. Really, the trains offer a most unique and astonishing traveling experience no other train service company can ever come parallel with! These, topped with excellent culinary repertoires and highly courteous attendants make the journey even more supreme than the other luxury trains around.

This thirty one-hour ride from London all the way to Venice is surely going to be wrapped up in one huge compilation of experiences! Pooled with romance, exploration and fashion, this overnight escapade to Venice will begin in the city of London going down to Folkestone. This is where all traveler passengers will be transported to the English Channel by bus then transported into the actual Orient Express rail car where the travelers will be comfortably and luxuriously seated and entertained for the rest of the journey.

Starving or going hungry is the least you can expect while aboard the Orient Express trains. There are actually three restaurant cars, a bar car and two other service cars where you can splurge in different kinds of food. Enjoy the freshly arranged gourmet menu made by accomplished French chefs using the best ingredients ever.

Also, expect one service crew to be designated to you, as there should always be one for every traveler. Breakfast will be served in a dining car while mounting through the Alps. Eating breakfast in a beautifully decorated dining rail car while gazing at the beautiful alpine meadows, the scenic country villages and the grandiose Alps, there is nothing more you can ask for in such experience!

What is more, the rail cars are decorated with mahogany ornaments and radiantly lit with Lalique illumination making the experience much more elegant and exciting.

The Transformation Of Orient Express Trips—Then And Now

Who could ever forget about the legendary Orient Express trips? They have long been associated with luxury as well as mystery and intrigue.

The name Orient Express originally only referred to the typical international railway service yet through the years it gained too many sorts of reputation. A particular status that it had was that of being enveloped with intrigue and mystery. Paris and Istanbul were also the very first end point destinations. That therefore meant the train had to cut through the borders of several European areas that often had disputes hurled against each other. There goes the belief that armed groups often tried sabotaging and attacking the people that then paved way to too many mysterious conflicts.

Well, this is just a brief glance at the former Orient Express trips that were commonly enjoyed in the past. Traveling to Europe then was never a problem because aside from that super convenient accommodation, one could likewise take a look at the breathtaking scenery present in the countryside.

Alright then so the original Orient Express has long stopped serving the main end points Paris and Istanbul. However, times have changed. The reputation of the train also changed plus a lot other additions were made. More trains bore the name "Orient Express" and many other routes have been opened.

Therefore, that means you can still ride the Orient Express train today! How will you do that? Here are several ways for you to consider.

The simplest and of course most cost-effective choice to deal with is to board the real Orient Express train. That is, the direct progeny of the then popular Wagons-Lits route. It is up to now treated to be the overnight train that connects travelers to the borders of Paris and Vienna. Nowadays it is being managed by the Austrian, German, and French national railways bearing the name "Orient Express." Your tickets to use are called the Eurail and InterRail passes. This mode is of course the same with that you can do to ride any of the existing international and national European trains.

Yes, the genuine Orient Express train still runs but it doesn't provide services to the Orient anymore. The dates after June 9, 2007 signaled another change as the train can't be caught anymore in Paris. Instead, the LVG has replaced it temporarily to serve people in Paris and Strasbourg. However, the same service is present in Strasbourg towards Vienna.

Also, a lot of privately owned companies have gotten the same name for their trains. One of which is the equally popular Venice-Simplon Orient Express that has been founded by no less than the American-British James Sherwood in the year 1982. He bought two of the railcars at an auction in 1977 when the original train ceased its operation. Apparently, those two railcars were used on the same route as that of the authentic Orient Express train.

So there you go with the varieties of Orient Express trips that you can take these days. Too bad, the legendary train ride isn't the same anymore.

The Origin Of The Orient Express

The beautiful and elegant Orient Express we now know is a new and not the original Orient Express. The original Orient Express, considered by many as the really true descendant of the very first Express d'Orient train is the one that had gone from Paris in 1883. About 125 years old or so, the Orient Express' history can be traced from 1883 to 2009. The two expensive tourist trains known that time were the Orient Express, which is actually the Venice Simplon Orient Express and the Nostalgic Orient Express which is as beautiful as the Venice Simplon Trains.

Strasbourg- Giurgiu Route in 1883
And so in 1883, Express d'Orient began service twice weekly. First stop at Strasbourg and last stop at Giurgiu where the travelers would traverse the Danube River by ferryboat. The ride would go all the way to Bulgaria to meet a second train that would be picking up all passengers for the 7-hour journey to Varna on the Black Sea. After which an Austrian Lloyd steamer would join for the 14-hour sea expedition to Constantinople in Istanbul.

Paris-Vienna Route in 1889
Through the years, Express d'Orient's service improved and became a daily trip doing the Paris-Munich-Vienna itinerary while at the same time, continuing operations twice a week from Vienna to Giurgiu to be picked up by the ferryboat to Ruse, Bulgaria. It was in 1889 that Express d'Orient started doing direct Paris-Constantinople operations and eventually officially named The Orient Express. After that Orient Express experienced incessant suspension of operations from left to right.

And finally in1919, Simplon Orient Express began its services and operations as the newest addition to Orient Express. They traversed the Southerly path from Paris heading to various places including Trieste, Lausanne, Belgrade Milan, Venice, and Istanbul beginning in 1920. They particularly took this path to be bale to avoid Germany that time. The Allies did not have full trust of the Germans at that time; thus, taking the route of Calais-Istanbul instead.

Looking back at history, we would see that it was actually the Venice Simplon Orient Express which stopped operations in 1977 when suddenly the Orient Express was asked to cut back its services. The Orient Express therefore was limited to running only from Paris to Vienna. With this the company lost several of its cars and seats from Paris to Budapest, even its sleeping car from Paris to Bucharest which ran twice a week. At that time, the name Orient Express almost got snuffed out.

However, it continued existing. It was beautifully brought back into full operations for some time again. However, in June 2007 when it started to run again its services since the TGV-Est express lines resumed operations, the Orient Express for Paris-Vienna route got cut back again. So that time, they had no other choice but to just run services from Strasbourg to Vienna.

And it was so unfortunate that it happened again and was announced that come December this year, specifically on December 12, 2009, the Orient Express' Strasbourg-Vienna route is finally going to be withdrawn after a long period of 125 years.

The Northern Belle Carriage Experience

Experience the ride to Northern Belle carriage and see how it feels like to be pampered in a luxurious and unique train ride! Orient Express' Northern Belle began its operations serving exciting and enjoyable train rides in 2002. It is a sister train of the very successful British Pullman coach during the 1920's. While aboard it, passengers will witness finely laid tables with crisp table clothes spread so neatly, and the unique and classy silverware showcasing how luxurious and posh the carriage of Northern Belle is. The train cars are beautifully decorated with lavish pieces of furniture. It is a true showcase of elegance and comfort in one fine carriage.

Stylish and Elegant Interiors

Each luxurious and comfortable bedroom offers a set of supple towels and crisp linen. Cabins can convert from a seating room to comfortably stay in during the day into a luxurious and cozy bedroom to sleep at night.

While its interiors were made to look so stylish and elegant to look like a castle or stately home. Some items of brassware and fabrics have especially been bought from some British traders to beautifully furnish the carriages. Truly, the Northern Belle has been successful living up to its name 'Belle' taken from the Belle trains during 1930's. Northern Belle Carriages have six carriages in all with each name taken from North Britain's grand British castles or the beautiful stately homes.

Equipped with Six Dining Cars

The Northern Belle luxury carriage has six dining cars to boast of, with each able to hold a maximum of 252 passengers. Though they may be six carriages, each carriage or train can seat 42 passengers and set up tables either for two or for four. Also, each carriage is a very spacious car so guests can move around very freely, comfortably and therefore, enjoy this once in a lifetime experience to ride the Northern Belle of the 1920's.

Northern Belle's Inaugural Trip

The Northern Belle had its inaugural train trip all the way from Liverpool Lime Street going to Belvoir Castle with around 252 guests invited from various places including from North England. Guests took pleasure in listening to live music topped with a bottle of champagne just before passengers arrive at the Belvoir Castle.

The Northern Belle leaves from locations all over UK. Take this once in a lifetime Orient Express experience that is guaranteed to be fun, exciting, unique and a learning experience for you about the cultures of various countries. Therefore, book your trip now and get that ticket to an exceptionally enjoyable experience of a train ride! Upon booking for reservations, the itineraries, programme and other details of the trip will be sent to you.

And when you get to the train station and hop aboard the Northern Belle, you will be served a sumptuous brunch matched with a bottle of champagne to prepare for your exciting and luxurious journey. And as soon as you reach your first stop, you will be given a city tour with a professional guide to assist you.

While for expeditions to the beautiful fortresses and the stately homes, the lush gardens and various shows are usually already included in the packages you choose. So grab your bags now, and book that ticket to a journey aboard the Northern Belle Carriages!

The New Providers Of Orient Express Trips

The Orient Express trips have been once provided by the so-called long distance passenger train that was originally under the wing of Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. The train had been labeled with luxury and convenience mainly due to the fact that it provided sleeping coaches and a gourmet restaurant to all the more satiate the needs of the distinguished and powerful individuals who boarded it.

Distinguishing the New Providers

Well, the original train is no longer in operation but thankfully someone saved it and bought the railcars during an auction sometime in the year 1977. His name is no other than James Sherwood, an American-British. It may not have stuck to the original route that served Paris to Istanbul as the authentic end points but new routes have been taken by the new version of the Orient Express.

These days, the Venice-Simplon Orient Express or VSOE runs from one of the end points, that is, London towards several other European destinations like Krakow, Rome, and Istanbul. What has been retained is of course the luxury which is a trademark of the Orient Express. As people would claim it, riding this new Orient Express train is more like boarding a luxury cruise rather than enjoying a typical train ride. After all, people are likely to experience the kind or quality of journey it provides rather than get to their destinations on time. On the average, the train tickets cost more or less 1,200 Euro per person.

Apparently, there is yet another privately operated train that capitalizes on the name of this world-renowned train. That is, the Nostalgic Orient Express. The trains used are the LX-class cars which run on an irregular timetable from Zurich bound for Istanbul and then towards Athens.

The Difference between the New Providers

While some of the private company Orient Express trip providers have managed to keep up to the authentic train's standards, many of them have not restored the once beautifully crafted luxury railcars of the 1920's up to the 1950's. Some of them have diverted away from the original routes due to the other railways that have been opened. At some point, many of today's new Orient Express trains are no longer like the same old railcars.

However, some of them have pooled many elegant LX-class railcars which they address as the original Wagons-Lits material. In truth, the authentic train mostly used the Z-class and S-class sleeping class because they were deemed utilitarian at that time. But of course, some of the parts of the train were composed of the LX-class cars to serve the royalties and aristocrats of the time in a much better way.

Nevertheless, you can still get a feel of the Orient Express trips provided that you know which ones to call authentic. The Venice-Simplon Orient Express or VSOE is hence considered to be an overnight train that can make your European visit much more romantic and enjoyable. So, be sure to try it and never fail to be enthralled by almost the same luxurious ride that the original train had once provided.

The Most Memorable Orient Express Experiences

There is no one in this world who boarded the Orient Express and claimed disappointment or frustration of their train travel via the Orient Express. There are loads of unusual destinations with a variety of different activities, but the train journeys remain as they are, standard. Here are just a few of the so many memorable experiences of various kinds of people on their journeys with the Orient Express.

Memorable Experiences at Blenheim Palace
So many people take a one-day tour to Blenheim Palace which they find totally fabulous. The carriages remind them of movies about time travel. They sit themselves in large and very cozy chairs and just relax and ponder on. They say their train journey with Orient Express is truly the most unforgettable experience pf a trip they had in their whole lifetime.

The Best Breakfasts Ever during a Journey with Orient Express

While on the train and going down to Blenheim Palace, people would get the best breakfasts they haven't had for a long period of time. It was initially a Bellini as soon as they climbed onto the train, pursued by some kind of cream and fruit in a cup, freshly prepared fruit salad, smoked salmon, buttery bread and scrambled eggs and of course the choice of tea or coffee. People just love being served good food with utmost service and friendliness. This is highlight of their experiences with Orient Express train journeys they cannot forget.

The Train Ride Going Back

The train ride back is usually always still quite enjoyable. Dinner is served first with a drink of champagne and canapés are served as people boarded. According to previous and happy passengers, they started with a very interesting strawberry and champagne soup, next a menu of guinea fowl, seasonal vegetables mixed altogether, and topped with summer pudding for dessert. They also had a bottle of champagne to share. It was so delicious for them that they could not forget how wonderful that trip for them, aside from the beautiful sceneries they enjoyed, of course.

Dining Experience Plays a Great Role in Travel Experiences

While others mainly enjoy the food and become their most memorable experience, for others it is the several nights of traversing the destinations eagerly anticipated. On board the Orient Express are some of most people's most memorable travel experiences ever.

Passengers awed in the beauty of their cabins, or what is also called the compartments. Their beautiful cabins were compact and very cozy. Their food was superb and the service of the trains staffs truly remarkable.

Beyond the Panoramas and Beautiful Scenes

Truly, it is not just the panoramic landscapes or the lush gardens, or the wild-looking rainforest that you catch a glimpse of in the train windows, or the scary but exciting heights while aboard the train that give value to a person's sense of adventure. Dining experience also plays a very great role in measuring the happiness, satisfaction and gratification of the person as far as travel experiences are concerned.

The Joys Of Riding The Orient Express Trains

The sophistication of former centuries unites with the technology and expediency of today, sums up to a unique travel experience one will truly enjoy. Beginning its first voyage in 1883, the travelers aboard the Orient Express have asked service out of the ordinary. Traveling aboard the Orient Express was undeniably a romantic, thrilling and exciting adventure one will never ever forget. All the joys harnessed while taking that train tour with Orient Express is surely to be etched forever in our hearts and minds.

The Orient Express Voyage's Joys
Up to this day, our travelers on board the Orient Express expect nothing less, and nothing more. Any Orient Express voyage or tour, wherever it may be in the world, must only get on upon with the highest of expectations.

From London's Victoria Station along England's Country Sides
Leaving from London's Victoria Station, passengers will definitely enjoy a complicated yet stylish five-course meal as the Orient Express British Pullman tours the country sides of England and showcases the various landscapes, and panoramic sceneries that passengers will delight upon seeing.

Joyful Moments Experienced while Traveling on Board Orient Express
From the moment you are greeted welcome aboard the Orient Express and cozily seated with a glass of wine or champagne, you can always predict whether that dining aboard the Orient Express will be a delightful and enjoyable experience one can never ever forget. The moment that you will experience the magnificence and sophistication of another generation as you relax comes, it will always be in the majesty of this renowned train. There are actually several trips planned for the whole of the year. However, passengers are advised to book earlier than necessary for the Orient Express, as this is an extremely popular excursion and you might just end up having no tickets to ride.

The Pleasures of Taking the Orient Express
The Orient Express Trains bring us to that time of easygoing travel. Those were the times when the expedition was truly as pleasurable and enjoyable as finally reaching the concluding destinations. Those times when eating dinner or lunch or breakfast on board a train carriage was a great way to pass away the time and absorb all the beautiful surroundings. Experience the romance of the long-ago with Orient Express' varied destinations of significant enjoyments and excitements.

Games and other Pleasurable Activities aboard the Orient Express
While wandering aboard the Orient Express trains, there are very high chances that you will surely find a game of bridge in movement in one of Orient Express' club cars. That is already in itself a form of enjoyment for so many people. While some people may want to just settle comfortably in a chair or a lazy boy and relax while there is the soft background of beautiful music being played on.

So just stay relaxed and allow the Orient Express to take you through the sceneries and views of the most stunning stately homes and private grounds in England. The outward or return journey will be by the Orient Express British Pullman train where you will enjoy a three-course meal either lunch or dinner with your choice of champagne and wine.

Singapore-Thailand Tour via the Orient Express

If there is one thing in life that can never be bought nor traded for money, it is the "experience" of doing great things. Really, great experiences are tremendously delightful and shall forever be etched in one's heart. I'm sure a lot of people know this that is why there are just so much of these luxurious trips availed by many people all over the world. Bookings in travel agencies fly here left and right. Individuals, peer groups, couples and families all truly want to get an awesome and rewarding experience beyond doubt together with their loved ones! And there is no better way to do it than go Orient Express!

Orient Express has established itself as a very popular carrier of people who want to have a glimpse of the varying cultures of other countries, the people and their beautiful places. So, let Orient Express take you anywhere you go and get a taste of other countries' customs and traditions aboard their luxuriously comfortable trains! Here are some of the most famous and most-loved tourist destinations where you may be brought to by Orient Express.

Eastern and Orient Express

What could ever be more exciting than riding aboard a very posh train all the way from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand? Usually, travelers would take flights instead of train rides. But train rides can also be very luxurious, comfortable and exciting with the train rides of Orient Express! This is called the Eastern and Orient Express journey wherein travelers enjoy their 1,262 mile train ride to Bangkok. The trip is divided into four days and three nights with two stopovers at Penang Island and the so-called River Kwai.

These stopovers are like excursions led by official tourist guides explaining the unique and beautiful sceneries beholding your sight! Get a glimpse of the rainforests while comfortably seated in the Orient Express. See jungles, rivers, rice fields, and sometimes even water buffalos and elephants loitering.

The Eastern and Orient Express luxury train adventure brings you through the whole of South East Asia. After a luxurious stay of a few days in Singapore, you will then head to Bangkok, Thailand, Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia aboard this high-class Orient Express luxury train.

Discover and see the sights around Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore on a very extraordinary rail journey in the luxurious comfort of the green carriages of the world renowned Eastern & Oriental Express. Ran by the same people who restored the world famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in Europe, the Eastern & Oriental Express is an exclusive train of unparalleled luxury and comfort!

The cubicle is an air-conditioned and stylishly furnished day room and converts into a very warm and comfortable bedroom for sleeping comfortably at night time. Experience the taste of their unique papaya juice courteously served to you before dinnertime.

Traverse along the Orient Express railroads bringing you to an unforgettably 1,200 miles of wonderful journey connecting the most astonishing and beautiful cities if the East! Take in the mystery and excitements this trip will bring to your life!

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Tips On Choosing The Best Winery Tour

Winery tours are a great way to relax during a vacation of even when you just have a few days off from work. Whether you are a wine aficionado or just someone who likes the occasional glass of house wine when eating at a restaurant, a winery tour can add a great deal to your enjoyment of the fermented grape. The problem lies in the huge variety of tours available. Finding the best winery tour for you can be a daunting task. There are, however, some things that, if kept in mind, can make the choice of the best winery tour much easier.

8 Steps To Selecting The Best Winery Tour For You

First of all decide on your budget and then find the winery tour that fits it. You will never enjoy your wine experience if your mind is focused on your shrinking bank balance.
Decide on how much time you want to spend on the trip and look for what seems to be the best winery tour that fits your time frame.

If you are knowledgeable about wine, you may want to choose a tour that will focus on a specific type of wine – say a Mondavi winery tour.

While there are winery tours that cover the whole world, for those new to wines, a short trip to the wine regions of California may be the best winery tour to start with. Wine is a complex subject and trying to absorb too much in the initial stages can ruin the fun of even the best winery tours.
Check out the types of tours available. They range from the very serious ones for wine experts that are focused on experiencing expensive and little known wines to more fun outings where people can get together to try out all kinds of wines and enjoy themselves. For the average wine drinker these are the best winery tours.

Drinking wine is a social activity and when you are on a tour, you must be prepared to mix with those who are travelling with you. This will only increase your enjoyment. However, if you feel that your tastes may differ from that of most other people, you should look at collecting enough friends or like minded people to form a full tour group of your own. This will ensure that you have the right company – a factor that can turn even an average wine tasting trip into the best winery tour.

Know your level of wine knowledge. A beginner going on a tour with experienced wine drinkers will feel out of place, as will an experienced person travelling with beginners. The best winery tour is one where everyone is at the same level of experience and understanding of wines.

And finally, never take a wine tour too seriously. Wine is a fun subject and the tour should be a fun, relaxing and laid back experience. That is what makes any wine tour into the best winery tour.

You Can Choose From A Wide Range Of Sonoma Winery Tours

Sonoma is the best known wine producing region of the country. And deservedly so – the range of top quality wines that come from this region are second to none. That is the reason that Sonoma winery tours are so popular. In fact, many people feel that the best winery tours are to be found in this region. But before venturing out on a Sonoma winery tour, you should decide what kind of traveler you are and what your budget is.

The Range Of Sonoma Winery Tours

If your budget runs to it, you can have a truly luxurious Sonoma winery tour. There are many companies that cater to the luxury segment who will arrange a limo withal the best food and wine stocked in it to take you on your tour. The driver is also a very knowledgeable guide who will be able to add hugely to your Sonoma winery tour experience. The duration can vary according to the time you have available. The most popular are the day trips and weekend tours. But if you have the time, and your pockets are deep enough, you can extend your tour to several days and do an in depth coverage of the vineyards of the region and the wines that are produced here.

The more common way is to take a bus tour. These Sonoma winery tours are very well organized and again range from day trips to weekend excursions. This kind of tour is the best way to get an understanding of the region and develop an appreciation of the wines that come from the area without burning a hole in your pocket. Every bus has an experienced tour guide who will be able to tell you about the technicalities of wine growing, the different wines that Sonoma produces as well as a history of wine making in the region.

If you are on a budget, or wish to try something new, there are Sonoma winery tours specially designed for you. You could get on a bicycle and, equipped with maps and instructions, pedal off on your own private Sonoma winery tour. If that is a bit to energetic, what about a simple rented car equipped with maps and introductions to wineries on your route? Or you could even go in for a rented car with a designated diver cum tour guide to take you across the region.

There are Sonoma winery tours to suit every requirement, budget and time frame. To make the most of the Sonoma winery tour experience, spend a little time researching the range of options available so as to find the one that appeals to you.

California Offers A Huge Range Of Winery Tours To Choose From

California is now known as wine country and produces some of the finest wines, not just in the USA, but in the world. And with the growing popularity of wines as compared to hard liquors, more and more people are trying to find out more about wines. One of the best ways to do this is by taking a winery tour. Whether you are a beginner in the field of wine drinking or an experienced hand who knows the subject well, a winery tour is sure to offer a lot of fun as well as a chance to improve on your knowledge of wines. Perhaps the most convenient place to look for winery tours is in California, where there are many wine growing regions, all well know, but all offering a different experience in regard to the types of wines produced.

The Leading Winery Tour Destinations of California

13 may be an unlucky number for some, but not when it comes to California wines. The state has 13 major wine growing regions and you will find winery tours cover as many or as few as you have time to visit. The 13 wine growing counties are:

Gold Country
Napa Valley
San Luis Obispo
Satan Barbara
Santa Cruz

While Napa Valley and Sonoma winery tours are the best known, that does not mean that the other wines growing areas of the state are not worth visiting. In fact, the less well known regions often offer the most rewarding winery tour experience, as it is in these places that you will be able to really be able to see how the smaller wineries operate and gain a better understanding of both the wine growing process as well as what makes a good wine – and that is the real reason behind a winery tour.

While the larger vineyards of Napa and Sonoma welcome visitors, because of their size and the commercial constraints placed on them by their very size, winery tours often tend to be somewhat mechanical in nature – you are on a tight schedule with little time for individual interaction with the people involved in crating the wine.
A winery tour to a smaller vineyard is a much more personal experience and usually allows you to spend more time with the people involved so that you can not only have your questions answered but also benefit from their insights on the subject of wines.

You don’t need to become a wine expert, but understanding what you are drinking can add a great deal of pleasure to the experience.

Read a Napa Valley Wine Tour Review Before Going

There are a few things that you can do if you are trying to decide which Napa Valley tour is goig to be right for you to go on, but one of the smartest moves that you will make here is to read a Napa Valley wine tour review. This way you are going to be able to get a much better idea on each winery tour and know which is going to be right for you.

A Napa Valley wine tour review can be a really great thing and with this Napa Valley wine tour review you get the chance to make sure that you are aware of all the different features that are going to come along with the tour.

What to Look For

It really all depends on what it is that you are looking to get out of the wine tour, as to what you should be looking for. For instance there are some people who want to go on a limousine tour, which means that they will be taken around in a limousine while they are on their winery tour and get the chance to feel like a celebrity while they are tasting the different wines of the area.

You feel really lucky when you are in a limousine and when you get the chance to ride around in a limo and really have the time of your life.

With a Napa Valley wine tour review, you are getting to read the opinions of people firsthand, people just like you and so you know for sure that they are telling the truth and that they are giving you their honest opinion all the way. You never have to worry that they are working for a company and just letting you hear all the good things.

With the hundreds of different Napa Valley wine tours that are available, it certainly makes sense to take a bit of time to read a Napa Valley wine tour review, so that you can get a better idea of what options you have and make sure that you are really making the right decision here.

There are reviews all over the Internet and so you can find them easily enough and really use them to your advantage. Also make sure that you contact the company that you are interested in to ask them any questions that you may have and get everything worked out.

Napa Valley Wine Tour Packages: Shop Around and Save

Napa Valley wine tour packages are more than worth it because you are going to have such a wonderful experience when you go on one of these wine tours. On the tour you are going to get the chance not only to do a Napa Valley wine tour review so you can tell others what you thought of it, but most important of all, you get to learn more about wine in the area and how the wine is made.

There are a lot of people who enjoy making wine at home or who otherwise want to start making and selling wine, and whatever the case may be, if you are interested in wine and want to learn more about it and how to make it, then going on one of these tours is going to be a great thing to do.

With the Napa Valley wine tour packages, there are different things that you can get included, and it is up to you as to which particular package you decide to get.

Save Money

Of course the particular Napa Valley wine tour packages that you decide on is going to be up to you, but to make sure that you save money, you are going to need to do some shopping around and compare between the different prices that the companies are offering. There is no point in just diving into this and assuming that you are getting the best price with the first company that you check out.

Remember that you may be able to save at different times of the year, so make sure that you keep this in mind when you are shopping around and doing your comparison shopping and trying to save.

If you are planning on opening your own winery, going on Napa Valley wine tour packages is a great way of learning more about the business and getting the chance to see what successful wineries have done and how you are going to need to follow in their footsteps if you want to have success here.

Napa Valley wine tour packages are usually quite affordable, and so, although a lot of people are not aware of this, you do not need to worry about breaking the bank. A total package deal will usually cost you around one hundred dollars so this is not totally out of the world and you will have a lot of fun.

Napa Valley Winery Tour: The Best Companies

There are quite a few different companies that offer the Napa Valley winery tour, so at least if you are interested in going on one of these tours you know that you have a lot of great options here that are available to you. There are even Napa Valley wine tour packages, some which allow you to be transported around in a limousine. This is nice because not only are you going to feel special, but also you aren’t going to have to worry about driving which is important if you are planning to taste a lot of the wine.

Now if you want to go on a Napa Valley winery tour, well then of course you are going to have to decide on which of these companies you would like to opt for. There are a few that offer a Napa Valley winery tour which are really worth considering, because they are the best of the best.

Wine Train

If you are ever looking to sign up for a Napa Valley winery tour, one of the first names that you are probably going to hear about is Wine Train. They are a company that has been known for years for their wonderful winery tours, and now you can sign yourself up and go on one too. They know that there are many people out there who are wine lovers and who want to get the chance to explore a winery and see just how everything is done.

They are one of the companies that has been offering these tours for the longest and so you definitely know that they have experience and that you are going to not only enjoy yourself on the tour but also get detailed information which is what most people are looking for when they go on a wine tour.

Wine Country Tour Shuttle

If you are more interested in going in a sort of group setting rather than just a private tour with some friends, then you could sign up for a Napa Valley winery tour through the Wine Country Tour Shuttle Company. On these tours you are going to be taken on a shuttle bus with other tourists who are going to get the chance to travel around the Napa Valley and see the different wineries that are located here. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about wine and visit the Napa Valley firsthand.

Napa Valley Limousine Wine Tour: Do it in Style

If you want to go on a Napa Valley winery tour, why not go all out and do it in luxury? You can go on a Napa Valley limousine tour which means that you are going to be able to drive around in a limo and feel like a superstar while you are taking your wine tour. Everyone deserves the chance to feel special sometimes, and you definitely will when you are riding around in your limo.

What Happens

There are a few different things that you are going to get to do when you go on a Napa Valley limousine tour. For one thing, you are going to be taken around the Napa Valley region so that you can see what is there and where the grapes for the wine are grown. On the Napa Valley limousine tour you are going to be dealing with a professional, someone who has experience with wineries and who is going to offer you detailed information on what goes on here.

Especially for people who are really motivated and who are maybe determined to open up their very own winery this is going to be the perfect chance for them to get to learn more about this and to see what would be involved if they were to take that step and go ahead with it. So make sure that you pay attention when you are on this tour if this is the reason that you have gone on it.

Then there are some people who just want to go on a Napa Valley limousine tour because they want to relax with some of their family or friends, and they want to be able to spend a day out tasting wine and get driven around in a limousine. This is not surprising because really, who wouldn’t?

There are a few different companies that offer the Napa Valley limousine tour, so your best bet is going to be to take a bit of time to look around and see what your options are before making any final decisions.

Going on a wine tour is something that is a wonderful experience and one that you are really going to enjoy. Especially if you get to take some of your friends along, you are all going to have a great time and get to enjoy each other’s company. These tours are ongoing year round so you can always sign up for one.

Enjoy Yourself on a Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tour

If you have a birthday, anniversary or other celebration coming up, why not celebrate it in the best way with a wine tasting tour? This is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and to really enjoy yourself. Most people like to have a glass of wine at least every once in a while, and a Napa Valley wine tasting tour is going to be a great opportunity for you to learn more about how wine is made and taste some of the most delicious wine in the world.

There are quite a few different companies these days that offer the Napa Valley wine tasting tour, and regardless of which you decide on, this is going to be an experience that you never forget and which you are truly going to love.

Beau Wine Tours

For one if you want to go on a Napa Valley wine tasting tour you could go through Beau Wine Tours, one of the companies that has been offering these tours for the longest. They even have a Napa Valley limousine wine tour, which means that you are going to be picked up in a limousine and taken around in this for the tour. This is great not only because it means that you will all be able to taste the wine and not have to worry about driving afterwards, but also because you are going to feel like a superstar.

They provide some of the best wine tours of the Napa Valley, and you are going to love that you got the opportunity to do this. Their tours are always luxurious and yet fun at the same time and they make it convenient for you because they work with you so that if you have others that are going to be coming with you, you will all be able to meet up at the right time.

Napa Wine Tours

This is another company that offers a Napa Valley wine tasting tour, and which you may be interested in. Their goal of these wine tasting tours is to allow wine lovers to learn more about wine and to taste the different wines that are grown in the region. Their Napa Valley wine tasting tour is always a lot of fun and they will also take you around to see the different sights and attractions so you get the most complete wine tour experience.

Napa Valley Wine Tour: What Happens?

A lot of people wonder just what exactly happens when you go on a Napa Valley wine tour, and actually this is going to depend on just which specific tour you have decided to go on, a Napa Valley wine tasting tour or any other. But the basics do remain the same, and no matter which particular wine tour you decide to go on, this is something that you are definitely not going to regret if you are a wine lover.

The Tour

On a basic Napa Valley wine tour, what happens is that you are taken to a winery where you get the chance to see the grapes, how everything is grown, how they are harvested and then taken and used to make wine. It is a really interesting process, and even if you thought that you knew how it worked, you are probably going to be pretty amazed when you get the chance to see everything up close and see how it all works.

Everyone who goes on a Napa Valley wine tour says that they had a great time and that they got to learn things that they had no idea about. It really makes you appreciate wine that much more, and you are sure to want to go on one of these tours again soon.

Signing Up

If you are interested in going on a Napa Valley wine tour, of course you are going to need to get signed up. You may be able to sign up to a local winery, or, if you were planning to do some traveling, for instance to France or California, then you could sign up for a winery there before leaving for your trip and you will get to do that. These are actually where the best, most popular wineries are located and so this will be even better.

Just make sure that if you are going to be doing any traveling that you get signed up for the tour as soon as possible because they tend to get booked up quite quickly and you are going to want to make sure that you are able to get in for the time and date that you are looking for. A Napa Valley wine tour is a great experience, one unlike any other and you are sure to love it. Especially if you drink wine on a regular basis, you will have a great time.

Finding Affordable Wine Tour Packages

For those people who are looking to get away but instead of doing something tropical, they want to do something fun and unique, then maybe a wine tour is the best thing that they can sign up for. There are some great wine tour vacation packages that you can choose from, and so you can pick and choose the different elements that you want included in your own package, and really have a great time.

Now the biggest issue that you are going to have to deal with is taking the time to find affordable wine tour packages. You don’t want to waste more money than you have to, and instead you want to take the time to shop around so that you can find the best wine tour packages and ensure that you are getting a great deal.

Where to Look

When you are looking for wine tour packages, knowing where to look is one of the most important issues here. The Internet is probably the best resource that is available and which you can use for this. To find wine tour packages, you can read reviews and use comparison sites online and this is really going to make the whole thing as easy as pie for you.

The advancements in technology have really been incredible, especially for people who like to do traveling and take on different adventures. Wine tours are wonderful and they can really make you feel like a star, but of course no one wants to spend more money than they absolutely have to, and this means taking the time to ensure that you are getting the best price.

Also keep in mind that at different times of the year, better prices are going to be offered. You are going to want to keep your eyes on this and watch for a bit of time so that you can get the most affordable wine tour packages and know that you are going to be spending your money as wisely as possible.

Wine tour packages are really fantastic and now you know that you can get them at a great price as well. Make sure that you are aware of the rules before going on a tour so that you can abide by them and not make any mistakes and also bring money so that you can buy a few bottles of wine to take home with you. You may want to drink one and then keep one for memorabilia.